Visit profiteering CORPORATIONS to get their attention and to raise public awareness. Do they have offices or facilities near you? Can you get to their headquarters for their annual meeting of shareholders? They care about their reputations, and they have relationships with the government and its purse strings.


Visiting MILITARY SITES is more symbolic, and may also raise public awareness if you can get good press coverage.

Why not be as VISIBLE AND PHOTOGENIC as possible? These outfits are optional, of course, but they're kind of official-looking and reminiscent of hazmat style. White coveralls can be ordered online for about $5 each or purchased at any hardware store. Find the "official" emblem for your outfit HERE.

As self-appointed "Treaty Compliance Units," we are there to INFORM the staff their company/site is engaged in activities prohibited under international law by the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

You can print and deliver COPIES OF THE NUCLEAR BAN TREATY, together with a LETTER explaining what the Treaty will mean to their operations.

It can also mean READING OUT LOUD parts of the Treaty and the letter to whoever happens to be there.

And don’t forget to POST SIGNS and/or banners in the ground or on a fence. They'll take them down but they'll have to read them first! And passers-by will be educated. Download signs HERE or make your own.

You could also consider using crime tape and/or attempting a citizen’s arrest, but if you plan to RISK BEING ARRESTED yourself, make sure you think that through carefully. Prepare properly and do your homework. Example: