Pressuring the Profiteers: Links for the Chat

Pressuring the Nuclear Weapons Profiteers, a virtual event June 26, 2021, referred to many organizations and web pages. Here's where to find them:


Videos can all be found at TreatyAlignment.US/videos


Pressuring the Profiteers is presented by:


NuclearBan.US (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)


Disarming the Nuclear Argument by Timmon Wallis


H.R. 2850 federal "warheads to windmills" legislation from Rep. Norton


Warheads to Windmills


"Complicit" Report on 2020 nuclear weapons spending


Fossil fuel divestment inspiring wikipedia article, a project of

For SRI-oriented financial advisors: (see Financial Directory) or


NYCAN NY Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


Find all of today’s info, links to resources, recording at  TreatyAlignment.US. We’re building a website -- it’s not finished yet -- to provide easy tools for divestment, compelling communication with corporations, shareholder action, as well as education to debunk nuclear myths and shift paradigms


Stop Banking the Bomb is Rev. Paul Dordal and friends


Massachusetts Peace Action is promoting state legislation about NWs divestment and setting up a commission to study the nuclear danger to the state, and explore measures to prevent it


CodePink and WorldBeyondWar are working on divestment from all military, including nuclear weapons