Treaty alignment is about being in solidarity with the countries around the world who are taking a very brave and powerful stand against nuclear weapons and demanding their elimination.

It is also about removing our own complicity in the perpetuation of these weapons that threaten the destroy all life on earth.

But above all, it is a tool for pressuring the profiteers who are not only making and maintaining these weapons, but are also using their undue influence in Washington to ensure that our elected representatives do not act to eliminate this existential threat to all of us.

What does it mean to be “aligned” with the Nuclear Ban Treaty?

First of all, it means not being directly involved in developing, producing or maintaining nuclear weapons. For the 20 or so major nuclear weapons contractors, that means ceasing those activities and doing other work instead.

And for all other entities, it means not having any investments in those companies and not purchasing any of their goods or services – even if these are not nuclear weapons-related.

And most importantly, it means making those commitments public and letting the companies know! The impact of boycotting and divestment can be financial, but it is also social. By openly stigmatizing their involvement with nuclear weapons, we can help these companies to abandon that involvement.