We’re back — and “Treaty Awareness” is now “Treaty Alignment”

The Treaty Awareness Campaign has a new name: Treaty Alignment Campaign. Don’t be confused — we still have the same mission, and if you search “Awareness” you’ll be directed to “Alignment.” Why the change? It’s just a stronger word. Awareness, alignment, action — anything but apathy!

This is the first blog in a long while. We’ve been focusing our energy on our sister organizations, NuclearBan.US and VoteToSurvive.org. NuclearBan.US is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to building political support for the Nuclear Ban Treaty (the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons). It’s going strong with new leadership from Asha Asokan and a new office in Washington DC. VoteToSurvive.org is a 527 nonprofit focused on supporting candidates who support the Treaty — very busy during election season!


1) Myth-busting EDUCATION about the Nuclear Ban Treaty

2) Nuts-and-bolts tools for pressuring the profiteers who make and finance nuclear weapons with ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES like divestment, boycotting, and shareholder action

3) Suggestions for making DIRECT CONTACT with the complicit executives, employees, and funders

The nuclear weapons industry has always been immoral, and it has always threatened our entire species. Now, with the Treaty, it’s also illegal under international law in the ratifying countries (54 as of this writing).

At the end of the Cold War, citizen pressure on the nuclear weapons profiteers actually led several of them to get out of the nuclear business altogether. We believe that we need to finish that job we started in the 1980’s.

The complicit companies contribute to political campaigns and then receive taxpayer money from those same politicians (yes, that’s corruption and bribery). We believe that when they realize the legal and reputational danger they are now in, they’ll pressure governments to help them stay profitable while converting jobs and infrastructure to greener and more life-sustaining products. We’re here to help.